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Quality from nature

Discover the secret of our natural, exquisite ingredients and the loving manufacture of our products! 

The best from nature

During product manufacture in the midst of the pristine nature of the Dolomites,
we always bear in mind what is most important to us: the naturalness and authenticity of our products. This is, not least, guaranteed by our company's philosophy: Loacker expressly rejects the use of colourings, preservatives, added flavourings such as vanillin and hydrogenated fats. 

All products are the result of strict selection and careful preparation of exquisite, premium ingredients. Only the best vanilla pods, the finest cocoa blend, 100 per cent Italian hazelnuts and high quality milk are used. 

Because the natural environment of the production sites plays an essential part in the manufacture of premium products, Loacker feels responsible for it. That is why - and because of the owner family's beliefs - the ecological sense of responsibility in our corporate actions is part of our quality mission statement.

Natural raw materials

  • Italian hazelnuts, roasted on-site
  • Real Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar and Reunion
  • Fresh mountain water 
  • Fine chocolate 
  • High quality milk 

Pure goodness

  • No colourings 
  • No preservatives 
  • No added flavourings
  • No hydrogenated fats