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This is how our products are made

The production sites for our wafer and chocolate specialities lie in the heart of the Dolomites in the midst of pristine nature - where the water is fresh and the air is pure. Our products are made here, using state-of-the-art technology, but still according to old family traditions with much love and care.

Immediately after preparation, our products are sealed in airtight packaging so that the wafers remain crispy and the natural bouquet of the ingredients is maintained. The entire production process is a guarantee for numerous satisfied consumers all over the world and this has brought Loacker important awards - such as the European Candy Kettle Award which represents the "Oscar of the Sweets Industry". 

Loving production
Loving production

We exclusively process raw materials of superior quality. Every Loacker pack promises and guarantees selected, high quality ingredients which are processed carefully. State-of-the-art facilities ensure products with consistently high quality at both of our production sites. The standards of quality start with careful preparation of the natural raw material and extend to the oven-fresh and immediate processing and packing of the products. 

The love of natural ingredients, extreme care and skilled craftsmanship ensure that all products still taste hand-made, despite industrial production.

Careful processing
Careful processing
Careful processing

Raw materials are checked against strict quality criteria by our in-house laboratory as soon as they arrive. The raw materials' quality requirements are agreed with the supplier in so-called raw materials specifications; sometimes, raw materials are even developed in co-operation with the supplier.  After passing quality control, all ingredients are processed, using state-of-the-art technology. From weighing via mixing and minimising to liquefying - everything is fully automatic and under the watchful eye of our experienced staff. 

Roasting hazelnuts at Loacker
Cleaning and roasting of hazelnuts takes place at Loacker. For this, only high quality Italian hazelnuts are used which meet our quality criteria and which are made into nut paste or granules. When the hazelnuts are roasted, there is a delicious smell in the office and even outside the production hall, much to the delight of our staff.

Processing Bourbon vanilla pods
The vanilla is delivered in bundles and goes through its first quality check. Then the bundles are temporarily stored in air-conditioned wooden barrels. This temporary storage is important because the vanilla pods can continue to ripen and their bouquet can fully develop. Then the vanilla is cut by hand and, at the same time, each individual pod is thoroughly checked for quality again. We particularly check that vanilla crystals have formed. They are an important sign that the vanilla has reached its ideal flavour. After minimisation by machine, the vanilla is now a powder and is immediately stored in metal containers and made available for production. 

The precious vanilla is treated as a valuable treasure at Loacker - and processed with corresponding care. The reward for this effort is the delicious smell which even reaches the stairwell.